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Is that even safe?

(my eyes are, ya know, important.)

we believe

YES! It's 100% safe. 
We promise, your eyes are just as important to us as they are to you. This cutting-edge technology is designed by true experts in their fields --  the most advanced robotics, computer vision, and A.I.
It's also been tested and approved by a fleet of doctors, lawyers, investors and risk-assessors.
And everyone agrees -- there is no way at all it can harm you.
We'll have some cool videos up soon that explain how it works. 


Are you trying to put lash-artists out of business??

We most certainly are not! Lash artists are and will always be integral to our brand and service. Every appointment at LUUM is guided by a master lash-artist. They provide world-class, white-glove service, from start to finish — from personal style consultations and pre-service lash-prep, to bespoke styling andn touch-ups afterward. We are simply providing our lash artists with a world-class tool with which to deliver a great set of lash-extensions for each client.


we hope

What does it feel like?

It’s extremely delicate!! We’ve had people say it feels “so light and relaxing”, like “butterfly kisses” or a  like a little “lash massage”. Lots of people fall asleep (which is fine!). 

Where can I try it?

Our first studio is in Oakland, CA, connected to our corporate HQ. We are accepting a limited number of appointments off our waitlist every week. However — we have national and international ambitions for LUUM and hope to have one in your city in the not-too-distant future. Stay tuned here and on our social channels for updates on our roll-out plans. 


Is the machine for sale? 

No, the machine is not for sale at this time. We're designing an end-to-end experience of which the technology is just a small part.